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Below is a list of stories I’ve published online – I hope you’ll find enjoyment and enlightenment on African culture and traditions as they pertain to the characters’ love lives. 
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Thabi Majabula

Ritza’s Right    by ThabiMajabula

Published on January 29, 2013.Fiction.
Ritza returns home from jail to find that her home is different. She is shocked that a strange woman is claiming her home. She is even more shocked when her husband sides with the other woman. Desperate, she visits his family hoping to tell them to him to remember his commitment to her, but they side with their son, and refuse to let her see her children. Her own family is ashamed of her.

The Candidate’s Wife    by ThabiMajabula
Price: Free! 42020 words.Published on January 29, 2013.Fiction.
Za seeks advice from a Senator about options for staying in her adopted country, and the Senator suggests that they marry. Za is shocked, as they are virtual strangers. She leaves the Senator to think about it, and a few days later, she agrees to marry the Senator. She meets the Senator’s family and discovers that their relationships could be better.

Her Husbands    by ThabiMajabula
Published on January 29, 2013.Fiction.
Martha’s in-laws accuse her of murdering their son, her late husband. Nothing she says stops them. At the end of her tether, she accuses them of the crime, and they are shocked that she would dare to do so. She starts to fear that they will hurt her and moves out of her home, which they have lived in, since their son died. She goes to their home and finds a piece of paper with information.

Nora’s Verdict    by ThabiMajabula
Published on January 29, 2013.Fiction.
Nora is sentenced to death for a crime she committed. In prison, she wishes she was dead. The head of Correctional Services visits her, and stuns her with his kindness. After his visit, she decides that she needs a new plan for dying. Unexpectedly, she is released from jail, and starts a new life. She is told to her face that she slept her way into her job, and that shocks her.

Dudu and Alex    by ThabiMajabula
Price: Free! 42450 words.Published on January 29, 2013.Fiction.
Dudu is at a wedding when a man looks at her as if he sees her. They have a short conversation, where he gives her his card, and leaves. She returns to the wedding and leaves soon afterwards, as a result of a disagreement with the bride. She phones the man to ask for a lift, and he sends her his driver. Her attempt to escape the wrath of her family is unsuccessful.

Changing Direction    by ThabiMajabula
Price: Free! 32020 words.Published on November 14, 2012.Fiction.
Bazi visits her parents’ home and is given disturbing news. Her father does not want her pursuing the matter, but she feels that she needs to, and does so, behind his back. She and her lover quarrel, and separate as soon as they return to their home. Bazi does not want the break up, and stays in bed, miserable. Once she gets out of bed, she decides to look for her lover.

Mercy    by ThabiMajabula
Published on November 13, 2012.Fiction.
(5.00 from 2 reviews)
Mercy has heard rumours about her husband and another woman, and gets them in the same room to confront them. After the confrontation, she has her husband arrested for assault. She feels guilty about it, but she does not change her mind. When he gets bail, he calls his family and hers to try and get her to do as he likes, but everyone leaves once she makes an announcement.

It Stops Now!    byThabiMajabula
Published on November 11, 2012.Fiction.
Patience cannot believe the words that her niece, Patricia, is uttering to her. She drives her to her family’s homestead. Patience’s family blame her for the bad relations between her and Patricia, instead of blaming the ill-mannered girl. Patricia pleads and weeps to return to Patience’s home, Patience hardens her heart, and leaves her. She starts a campaign to help women.

Fixing Things    by ThabiMajabula
Published on November 11, 2012.Fiction.
Helen goes to meet the woman that her husband left her for, and finds the woman completely unrepentant. The woman dismisses her, filling her with rage. A few days later, she waylays the woman and beats her. She is stunned when she, and not the other woman, is arrested. She has to phone her husband, and he sees to it that she gets out of jail.

Lungile’s Surprise    by ThabiMajabula
Published on November 11, 2012.Fiction.
Lungile hosts her younger daughter’s friend’s birthday party, and meets the friend’s father, Zach. She finds him gorgeous, and gets to dance with him, which is a pleasure, but also torture, as it reminds her again, how very lonely she is. She, her daughters, and Zach and his daughter go to church together the following day.

Sandy’s Challenge    by ThabiMajabula
Published on November 11, 2012.Fiction.
Sandy cannot understand why her husband, Vusi, wants to stop her from leaving their home. She has made up her mind, and leaves, because she is tired of being ignored by him. He meets her by chance in a restaurant and takes her to his home. They host his guests, then she returns to her own home. He fetches her back, for appearances to his mother.

Molly’s Match    by ThabiMajabula
Published on September 16, 2012.Fiction.
Molly attends her mother’s anniversary at a restaurant, and a stranger pretends to be her date. They exchange details, and he contacts her afterwards. They are heading to a relationship when he says something that puts her off him. She avoids him, then he turns up unexpectedly, and she finds herself behaving in an unexpected way.

Complete Family    by ThabiMajabula
Published on September 16, 2012.Fiction.
Linda’s former husband reappears in her life unexpectedly, wanting her to go back to him. She cannot believe that he would come to her after so long, and after sending her from their home so callously. She tells him that they are divorced, and he tells her that they were never divorced. His appearance disrupts the life that she had built away from him.

Letting Go    by ThabiMajabula
Published on September 16, 2012.Fiction.
Thembi is shocked to discover that her husband has been unfaithful. She tells him that she wants a divorce, and he will not give it to her. She leaves him and returns to her home town. Her parents are shocked by her move and tell her to return to her marital home. She refuses, and her husband follows her. He tells her to come home, unless she never wants to see their children again.

Xoli’s Reluctant Groom    by ThabiMajabula
Published on September 16, 2012.Fiction.
Xoli has what she considers an unfortunate crush on her client, Ike. She thinks he is the best thing on two legs, he despises her. Working with him becomes harder. Unexpectedly, she meets him while out with her friends, and they both conclude that he is as mad about her as she is about him. The contract finally ends. She does not get on well with her family.

Where Themba’s Heart Belongs    by ThabiMajabula
Published on September 5, 2012.Fiction.
Themba is shocked by his younger son’s accident. He then suspects his wife of infidelity, because his blood type is not a match with his son’s. His wife’s reaction to his suspicions scares him. He decides not to push the issue, she insists. He finds out things about his family that shock him.

Connecting    by ThabiMajabula
Published on September 3, 2012.Fiction.
(5 stars from 1 review)
Suko’s son visits her, and her boyfriend leaves her as a result of her reaction to that visit. She tries to contact him and get him back home, but he will not talk to her over the phone, or see her. Determined to move forward, she visits her son, and tells him her truth. She is upset after the visit, and decides to stay away from home. When she returns, her boyfriend is home.

Sylvie’s Love    by ThabiMajabula
Published on September 3, 2012.Fiction.
(4 stars from 1 review)
Sylvie thinks she is happily married, but her husband keeps rocking the boat, by wanting physical intimacy. At the end of his tether, he calls in his aunts to talk to Sylvie. She is returned to her family in disgrace. Unable to bear things, she leaves for the big city. There, she falls for her boss, and things take an unexpected turn.

Lerato’s Heart    by ThabiMajabula
Published on September 3, 2012.Fiction.
Lerato quits her job because she can no longer work with her womanising boss, whom she has fallen in love with. He goes to her home to try and find out what the problem is, and her mother decides to match make Lerato and her boss. She resists, because she does not trust his feelings for her. She begins her new job and hates it. She asks for her old job back, and she is denied.

Noma’s Awakening    by ThabiMajabula
Published on August 27, 2012.Fiction.
Noma is finding it difficult to raise three children. After her husband’s death, her in-laws sent her and her children away. Unexpectedly, they come to take the children away from her. She is distraught, and spends some time spaced out. When she tires of that, she decides to go and find a job in the city.Things do not go as planned, and she ends up living with a strange man, then things happen.

Becca’s Treasure    by ThabiMajabula
Published on August 27, 2012.Fiction.
Becca dreads returning home. A terrible break up that she is having a hard time recovering from makes if difficult for her to focus on anything. Her ex’s best friend unexpectedly comes to her rescue. Their relationship takes an unexpected turn, and has unexpected rewards.

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